Dolce – Events Catering is extremely passionate about staging culinary events at the highest level.

We offer innovative service concepts and creative ideas for social parties, weddings or for corporate partners.

Our full – service catering team is led by experienced professionals with exceptionally high standards in quality and creativity.
We guide you from the planning process through the opening and until the end of your event with integrity and strength.

Dolce – Events Catering listens to our clients carefully to ensure that we fully understand their aims, ideas and, in the case of our corporate clients, their all-important brand identity.

Dolce – Events Catering can accommodate any range of guests for as few as 2 guests up to hundreds.
Through our professional alliances we have worked with large corporations, organizations, retail stores, celebrities and individuals. All of our clients have come to rely on us to provide professional services, amazing food and drinks, creative ambiance, time after time.

It’s such a special treat to be served in your house. The aroma’s, the excitement, the ease of it all, and we make sure your house is as clean as it was when we arrived. Impress your friends or clients, or just take the night off.

It’s difficult to come up with an event that we haven’t experienced in our long history. A small sample would include cocktail parties, dinner parties, retail sales events, large real estate sales and opening events, weddings, Barmitzvas, Quinceaneras, and other ceremonial events. Each one is treated as it’s own unique production.

In order to serve you better and ensure that we understand your event requirements we have the ability to speak to you in a variety of languages, including of course English. At your request we can also converse in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese and Hebrew.

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