Massimiliano Guerri / Chef Max

Born in Florence Italy, the heart of Italian cooking. At a very young age Max was put to work in the kitchen of his family’s restaurant and have been working in kitchens and in the industry ever since.

Graduated in 1990 with a Degree in Bachelor of Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of Florence, Italy. Afterwards, completed the military service as the personal chef for the Army General.

Ever since, Chef Max has always searched for the best quality ingredients in order to design savory dishes and sweet bites on a daily basis.

This has become imaginative conversation pieces that continue to delight his guests long after their dining is over.

Every aspect of the food preparation is meant to be as fresh and original as is possible, equally at home designing and planning a wedding, a corporate event, charity gala or intimate sit-down dinner.

Always focusing on the finest quality items, Chef Max believes that many Italian products are just simply the best in the world. He has partnered with a company in Florence who helps to import handmade merchandises, like Pruneti olive oil and balsamic dressing, biscotti, panettone, truffle butter and sliced truffles and many other exciting products all the way to Miami.

Beside watching carefully for all the fresh and organic ingredients, he is passionate mentor in other varies activities. During the small amount of free time he has, he explores the new and old styles of cooking and teaches others on simples technique that can improve the most basic meal.

Chef Max has taught other activities such as boxing and health fitness to both youth and adults. One of many joyous moment is teaching kids about soccer and about teamwork to achieving the best of themselves, not to mention championship across Florida.

Chef Max is the founder & ceo & executive chef for the country style Italian fare private restaurant at the Dolce at the Icon South Beach, the Dolce Beach Club located at the tip of South Beach, the sandy & outdoor poolside destination for its private residents.

Chef Max just recently opened a beautifully designed, traditional stylish bar, Dolce Café and the store Dolce Shop Taste & Buy in his home town, Reggello – Florence, where you can get the taste of the Italian drinks and the handmade products.

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